How To: Keep Yourself Well This Winter

In polling our regular Vitamin Bar ‘drippers,’ we have concluded that 90% of our clients have not come down with an illness since they started doing vitamin therapy.  Miracle?  We think not.  Some of those clients have been with us a few short months and some of those have been with us for an entire year.  So what is the trick?  Well for starters, because the immune system is precisely that—a big ol’ system, not one single entity, there are a multitude of factors, not just one.  In other words, it takes much more than an occasional drug store purchased Emergen-C drink to combat all of the bugs that are constantly trying to enter the body.   

We took a good hard look at our regular (illness free) clientelle and saw a very clear trend:  total mind and body health is important to all of them.  The research clearly shows that to keep a strong immune system, we must:

  1. Stop smoking and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum
  2. Maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Maintain a relatively low stress level
  5. Eat a balanced diet including LOTS of fruits and veggies (here is where we come in handy)

A recent study done by Harvard Medical School found that taking regular doses of multivitamins and mineral supplements brings health benefits of many types, however taking “mega doses” of a single vitamin does not.  When our clients come in for a drip, there are many cocktails to choose from, but one thing is consistent- they all get a strong dose of multiple vitamins (A,C,E,D,K,B1,B2, B3, B6 & B9) with every cocktail.  This, along with a healthy lifestyle, keeps their immune system armed and ready at all times.   

So the secret is revealed:  Rather than wait for illness to strike to eat healthy and gulp insane amounts of Vit. C, consistently keep your body and mind healthy and come hang with us once or twice per month to get those immune-supporting vitamins that last.