How long does it take? 

The very first treatment is always the longest as we get to know you and the status of your health.  With a consultation and personalized treatment, you should be in and out in under an hour.  

Is it safe for pregnancy?

Yes!  We are well versed in what is and isn't safe for you and your baby.  In fact, we have a custom drip just for you glowing goddesses!

Do you treat minors?

No.  You must be 18 or older.

Does it hurt?

Surprisingly no!  We use numbing medicine before each IV and make every effort to keep this as painless as possible for our clients.  Our MIC injections don't come with numbing medicine, but with such a tiny needle, they are virtually pain free.

How often should I come?

Vitamin therapy is safe to use on a daily basis, however our recommendation is 2-4 drips per month.  We will customize a plan with you based on your goals and physiologic needs.  

If you are coming in for our MIC treatments, we recommend 1-2 injections per week for a five week program.  This is when the best results are achieved.

How will I feel after?

Some drips, such as our cure for hangover, jet lag or altitude sickness, will have you feeling revived right away.  Other drips are specifically designed for long lasting effects such as skin hydration, hair and nail health, improved immunity, collagen production, memory, heart health, etc.  At the end of a drip, most of our clients say they feel invigorated, full of life and ready to tackle the rest of their day.