ADDITIVES $20 each


$419 • Menu 3 pack (1000mL size)

$675 • Menu 5 pack (1000mL size)

$500 • Menu 5 pack (500mL size)

$125 • 5 MICB12 or Glutathione injections (IM)


Enjoy all of the benefits of oxygen therapy including increased energy, reduced stress, increased alertness and alleviation of symptoms related to altitude sickness, hangovers and headaches.  Stop in just for a breath of fresh air, or combine as a great enhancement to any of our IV drips.

$20 • 20 minutes of O2 while you drip

$50 • Daily oxygen concentrator rental rate  

$300 • Weekly oxygen concentrator rental rate

$8/12 • Oxygen Plus individual canisters (24/50 breaths per can)

$30 • 3 Oxygen Plus canisters (50 breath size)  

MICB12 & Glutathione Injections


$30 • 1 shot

$125 • 5 shots


Our experienced, Board Certified Doctors and Registered Nurses can now relocate The Vitamin Bar experience to the comfort of your home, work, hotel or other offsite location. Our goal is to improve how you feel by alleviating your symptoms and the accumulative affects of dehydration in the most efficient and relaxing manner possible.

$149+ • Pricing starts at a one time charge of $149 and increases depending on our staff availability, treatment location and services administered.